THUNDER BAY property taxation policies you need to know about ...

As a candidate for City Council, how would you rate your knowledge of property taxation policy in Thunder Bay on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being not knowledgeable and 5 being very knowledgeable)?

I am very knowledgeable of our city’s taxation policy.

Based on your current knowledge, what is your campaign platform related to property tax ratios for the next 4 years?

Property taxes are too high for multi-residential and residents.  We allow MPAC to dictate these rates increasing residential rate, yet lowering corporate rates.  I propose the following:

·         We have NO TAX INCREASES for the next four years

·         A full financial disclosure of all major projects over the last 15 years.

·         The next City Council calls for a significant reduction in every city department, without service cuts.

·         Failing that, I will put forward a resolution to have an impartial core review of ALL CITY DEPARTMENTS.  We will then determine what needs to be cut without affecting public services.

Are you aware that property tax ratios for multi-residential buildings are currently taxed up to 2.5 times higher than houses or condominiums of the same property value in Thunder Bay?

Yes.  It is a dangerous thing when these taxes are raised at a higher rate than residential, because the people who actually pay through rent are low income earners.  This WILL cause a crisis in the future where these people will not be able to afford to live in these places due to the high expense.  Our incumbent city council is oblivious to this fact.

The Province of Ontario has directed the reduction of multi-residential tax rates over the next four (4) years from the current ratio of 2.47 to 2.0. These reductions are already planned and budgeted for by the City of Thunder Bay. As a candidate, do you support this plan?

Yes.  Our residential and multi-residential taxes are too high as it is.

Policy changes in other Canadian cities have been made thanks to fair Councils who have set tax rates for multi-residential tenants at the same rate (1:1) as home and condo owners. Do you believe that Thunder Bay should follow suit and make policy changes to stop tax inequity?

Yes.  If this is not addressed, people will find it more difficult to pay rent which in turn will cause a vicious cycle of higher rent rates to accommodate the lack of revenue to handle expenses.


If elected, would you support an expediated annual tax decrease for multi-residential properties to achieve taxation equity at a rate of 1-1?

Until we can stabilize our out of control tax happy administration, I would support freezing the tax rates, until we can control the operational expenses with the tax freeze over the next four years.  When surpluses are realized we can then afford to be generous and fair to all citizens.


If you are elected and a motion to set equitable tax ratios for multi-residential tenants is presented to Council, will you support the motion?

As stated in the previous question, we need to control overall spending first.


Please provide any other comments.

What we have presently on city council are a bunch of OPM addicts.  OPM meaning Other People’s Money.  They don’t care that every year people are finding it harder to make ends meet.  In order to achieve what I have stated, I urge all residents to vote for an entirely new city council, which means NOBODY who was on City Council for the last 15 years.  They have proven they have a lack of awareness of where this city is going.  If we are to have a sustainable city, we need to a have a tax rate increase system based on only the increase of property values, not increasing the percentage of someone’s property value.  There is something significantly wrong when even though we have a $20 million dividend through TBayTel we have higher taxes than every other municipality in Ontario.



Andy Wolff
Candidate, Councillor
Current River Ward