THUNDER BAY & DISTRICT Food Strategy Survey


Food Access (ensure everyone has regular access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food)

Pricing: Create an environment to sell food at a lower price, by have a fiscally responsible budget which would lead to lower taxes and utility fees.

Accessibility: Reform the transit pricing to a daily fee and make these routes more streamlined to save people time.

Nutritious: Convert LPH Greenspace into largest garden in Thunder Bay.

Forest & Fresh Water Foods (increase knowledge of available forest and freshwater foods and sustainable harvesting to protect food ecosystems)

Now that the LPH Greenspace has been designated parkland, I put forth a resolution to make this the largest community garden in Thunder Bay.

Food Infrastructure (support creation of food supply chain through processing and distribution facilities, etc)

I fully support your idea of creating local food hubs in Thunder Bay in order to extend fresh food product availability past the growing season.

Food Procurement (develop public food supply chain that contributes to the ecological and social well-being of Thunder Bay and Area)

In this regard, the city should continue to lead by example by having the Home For The Aged and Child Care Centres serve locally produced food where possible.

Food Production (protect and encourage growth in local agriculture, farming etc)

As mentioned before, the city should explore the possibility of making the LPH Greenspace a centre for growing local food.

School Food Environments (improve eating habits, food skills and food literacy in children and youth)

We need to work in partnership with all the School Boards to make available nutritious local food for school lunches and educate students on the importance of eating a well balanced diet.

Urban Agriculture (increase food production in the urban landscape and support citizens in urban agriculture activities)

I like the idea of “Edible Bus Stops” but caution must be exercised that no one has access to contaminating this food.  As we all well know crime is a big problem in our city.

Andy Wolff
Candidate, Councillor
Current River Ward