City Council Candidate Survey

 1. What kind of activities/organizations have you participated in that provided

 a benefit to our community?

Dew Drop Inn:  I have helped out in the kitchen washing dishes and performing music for the lunch time patrons.

Bethami: I perform concerts for residents there.

Salvation Army:  Washed cars for fund raising

Port Arthur Legion, Branch #5:  Performed for a veterans fund raiser.

I have been offered to teach a Civics seminar to Grade 8 students.

I have taught First Aid to numerous residents which some have told me they have used it successfully.

2. What are your priorities for the Ward/City?

Revitalize Boulevard Lake Park by cleaning up the lake, reconstructing the dam, perhaps looking at installing splash pads on both sides of the lake (this may scare away the geese).

Rebuild Centennial Park so the Muskeg Express can ride again, re-establish the logging camp to serve meals like they did in the past.

Have 5 Ward Meetings per year:  Our present representative has failed in this matter and this needs to be brought back again.

City Issues: REVIEW

Our City finances past and present

Our City’s organizational structure

The practices exercised by our city departments


The limit of 2 garbage bags and bring it back to 3

The hotel tax as this is nothing but a cash grab

A future notion of new taxes such as the Rain tax


The trust we have lost with the public over the last 15 years

Referendums on future election ballots for major capital projects

The opportunity for people to participate in the future of our city

Regular infrastructure maintenance to the PUBLIC sector

How do you view the role of publicly owned services in our society and

 what value do you place on these services?

I place a high value of our public services and support many of our publicly owned services such as TBaytel, the present city services we do have.  I am dismayed at the fact, we allowed our City Clerk to go with online voting, as this is a betrayal of our democratic system.  The way we elect our council should be by hand counted ballots, because over 50% of the money goes to the people living in our city, not some private corporation.   

4. Where do you stand on collective bargaining and the right to strike?

It is every union’s right to strike.  However, regarding city employees, I find it unfair when the very people who need these services are affected by this action, while administration is not affected what so ever.  My proposal would be if city employees are NOT getting the raises they deserve, city council should freeze wages of ALL SENIOR ADMINISTRATION until this situation gets resolved. 

5. Where do you stand on contracting out and privatization of public services?

Once again I am against this.  We did this by allowing Electronic Scanned voting and now online voting.  We are selling out our public institution to the private sector.  This is absolutely disgraceful.  Keep in mind our incumbent councillor supports this practice of privatization of a public service, so if you endorse him, you support this action of privatization of public services.  We should go back to hand counted ballots as this is and should be a public institution.

6. What are your thoughts on community economic development and job protection?

As I stated in question #3, we need to REVIEW the practices exercised by our city departments.  A lot of starting businesses are frustrated facing all the red tape facing them through the by-law dept.  This needs to be reformed.  It shouldn’t be treated like a “game show”, where they have to anticipate what new surprises they may need to encounter to get full approval.  As for job protection regarding the city, the unionized employees need not worry.  I think they do a fantastic job on the front-line services.  We need to seriously review the top-heavy management structure and practices of our city.  That is the core of our tax and labour problems.

 7. What is your view on a $15.00 an hour minimum wage?

Anyone working for the city is should make well above $15/hour.  As for the private sector, there is very little a city council can do to rectify this.  As a candidate for the Northern Ontario Party, I did advocate to have a tiered system where large corporations should have a higher minimum wage than a small business.  That would level the playing field.

 8. Do you think City council should support a “Municipal Living Wage Policy?”

With respect to city employees, absolutely!  I would also advocate a “Municipal Decent Wage Policy” where anyone making over $100,000 per year should have their salary capped.  Anyone who believes they should make more is exercising pure greed.  The raises after the cap would be in the form of better benefits.  I challenge anyone opposes this to get a job in the private sector. 

 9. How would you promote equity and inclusion as a councillor?

I feel our next step as a City Council is to involve the public more in discussion regarding equity and inclusion.  On the issue of equity, I do not believe any individual should be denied any opportunity for betterment based on their status.  On the issue of inclusion, one of my key campaign platforms is INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP which promotes the idea the future of our city is in all of our hands.

The city is not doing enough include our First Nations in planning and development.  Once again we should be involving not only First Nation representatives, but also encourage feedback from First Nation citizens in planning and development.

10 Is the city doing enough to include our indigenous population in planning  and development?

No and I don’t think it’s enough to involve the Chiefs in this discussion, but rather invite the people these Chiefs represent to express what they believe are the things that need to be done regarding planning and development.

11. Do you think it is important to liaise with labour on community matters?

And what is your commitment to labour representation on City established boards and committees?

Part of my platform is INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP which definitely would involve labour representation, since they have the knowledge and provide the front-line services for our citizens.

On all city established boards, there should be a balance of all types of representation.  There should be Labour Representation; there should be Citizen Representation; there should be City Council Representation and Management Representation.

12. What do you see as a solution to racism in our city?

I served on the Anti-Racism Committee for over 2 years.  What I have seen was a bunch of people from all groups and citizen representatives take dictation from administration on what solutions should be implemented.  These solutions were not effective.We need to have these committee members take charge and implement the solutions to address the problem and challenges their organizations are facing.  

Andy Wolff Candidate, Councillor Current River Ward  (807)683-7670