LEAP Thunder Bay Candidate Survey


Name: Andy Wolff, Candidate for Current River Councillor

 1. What contribution to making Thunder Bay a better place to live are you most proud of?

I have done numerous presentations in front of city council on my concerns regarding online voting, the preservation of the conservatory, the city becoming more fiscally responsible and transparent, as well as having a plebiscite for major capital projects.  I served on the Anti-Racism Committee and I was the one that initiated that the minutes of these meetings get published online.  I volunteered by helping out with fund raising, providing entertainment and helping out with front line services for many charitable organizations and Senior’s Homes.

 2.  What are three priorities that would guide your work on City Council?

       i.            Implement more inclusive leadership by encouraging the public to have more of a voice in our city’s future

      ii.            To have better communication with the public by recording how each Councillor and Mayor votes on every resolution, disclosing the content of in-camera meetings barring any legal and personal issues and better explaining rather than spinning why we are taking the direction we voted on.

    iii.            Propose an impartial core review of our city’s finances to better serve the public rather than an overstaffed, over paid administration

 3.  What three community organizations in Thunder Bay are you most interested in supporting?

    i.             The Dew Drop Inn

     ii.            The Underground Gym

     iii.            The Port Arthur Legion

4. How would you build relationships between the City of Thunder Bay, Indigenous residents and neighbours?

Have open public meeting with citizens on these matters.  Have an open forum that would encourage people to bring forward their concerns regarding this.  We are all in this together.

5. What should the City of Thunder Bay do to pursue reconciliation with Indigenous peoples?

As a city, we can support initiatives, but ultimately the federal government needs to resolve this once and for all.  In order for recounciliation to become a reality, everyone needs to collaborate towards a win-win situation.  I would love to see a day where this becomes a reality.

6.  The city of Victoria, BC recently removed a statue of Sir John A. MacDonald from in front of their City Hall due to his role in starting Indian Residential Schools. What is your opinion on this?

My opinion is to focus on issues facing Thunder Bay.

 7. Is the City of Thunder Bay doing enough to mitigate and adapt to climate change?

Climate change is world problem and until the nations that support green initiatives hold the other nations accountable, nothing will change.

8. The City of Portland, Oregon voted to ban all new fossil fuel infrastructure. Would you vote to do the same in Thunder Bay?


9. The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is currently looking at Ignace as a possible site to bury nuclear waste from southern Ontario. Would you vote to prevent the transportation of nuclear waste through our city?

Yes.  We must remember the City of Thunder Bay voted in a plebiscite to have this area become a nuclear-free zone.

10. Would you be willing to get arrested at a protest to protect our natural environment?

No.  However, it would be interesting to know which candidates are willing to be arrested for this cause.

11. Tell us one example of how you would reduce homelessness and increase housing in Thunder Bay.

There are many abandoned buildings that could be used.  For example the LPH building is a large enough facility to accommodate this problem.

12. Would you appeal to the Province to re-instate the Ontario Basic Income Pilot? If so, how?

With the new provincial government this will become challenging, since they rescinded this funding.  We need to focus on creating a better environment that would promote a better economy and do a core review of our city finances to allocate funding to provide the needed frontline services as opposed to hiring consultants and maintaining an overstaffed administration.  It appears the province will reward municipalities that advocate this type of practice, rather than what the city has been doing for the last 15 years.

13. Tell us one thing you would do to support local businesses.

Reduce the redundant process businesses always have to go through regarding one permit after another.  We need to set a defined criteria for businesses to follow, so they are not “surprised” when they didn’t fulfill a “sudden” by-law requirement. 

14. Tell us one thing you would do to support local food production?

With the LPH Greenspace designated as no longer residential, that would be a good area to plant a large garden.

15. Tell us one thing you would do to improve the public transportation system.

Have more streamlined bus routes and have a day fee.

16.  Do you support lowering bus fares? YES.

17. Would you work to have the Memorial Link, a proposed bike lane linking Port Arthur and Fort William, built within three years?

I would, so long it is not a part of the street, but rather a separate lane.  It would be a separate lane that would not only accommodate bikes, but mobile wheelchairs, e-bikes, rollerblades, etc.   

18. Tell us one thing you would do to help Thunder Bay neighbourhoods become safer and more vibrant.

The failure of this city was to be obsessed with the development of the waterfront.  Just in Current River Ward, there are many things that need to be restored to what it was before, such as Boulevard Lake and Centennial Park.  Why were these things overlooked on our incumbent ward councillor’s watch? 

19. Tell us one thing you have done to support racialized people, to increase accessibility, or to support LGBTQ+ people in Thunder Bay?

I served for two years on the anti-racism committee.

20.  Tell us one thing you would do to support urban infill.

Part of that would be to repurpose old building to accommodate the homeless.  

21.  How would you put pressure on the province to proceed with the planned safe injection centres in Thunder Bay?

To be honest, I don’t think anything could be done that would convince our present provincial government to address this situation.  Our present city council lacked the courage to address the social issues we have had regarding homelessness, casino revenue and an overcrowded hospital when we had a Liberal government.  The same people on city council will lack the courage to pursue this issue as well.

22.Is there anything else you would like us to know about the vision you have for Thunder Bay?

Presently, we have a city council that is out of touch with the needs of the citizens, to which they themselves have a serious addiction to O.P.M. (Other People’s Money).  The only way to stop this addiction is to elect a fresh new city council.  It will be only then we can bring back reality to city hall and regain the trust of the citizens we will serve.

Andy Wolff
Candidate, Councillor
Current River Ward 

Email: electandywolff@gmail.com